Paterson Movie 2016 Review & Summary

Paterson Movie

Movie Title: Paterson
Year of Release: 2016
Cast: Nellie, Rizwan Manji, Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani
Available on: Amazon

Paterson is a miraculous movie with every bit of innocence in it. Jim Jarmusch has shown extreme gentleness in this film achieving a great work of appreciation from the viewers. Every character build by the director consists of simple innocence which one rarely finds in adult characters. The film shows goodness which lacks in the modern era of adulthood. Adam Driver shows his innocence in the film by depicting his sensitiveness and delicate nature. It’s a film of total fantasy that seeks the great attention of audiences worldwide. This movie could be watched on free TV streaming websites like Amazon prime and TubiTV where you can watch TV series online and lots of movies. Having said that, the movie has been rated as one of the best movies of 2016 by vox blog.

The film is basically shot on the streets of New Jersey where Adam Driver has showcased his inbound acting skill. Here Adam Driver has been named ‘Paterson’ the main protagonist of the film. In the film, Paterson lives in New Jersey and where he also drives a transit bus. Paterson lives a very routine life where he wakes up at the same time in the morning without using any alarm. Paterson lives with his beloved wife Laura who is also used to his routine life.

The role of Paterson’s wife is played by ‘Golshifteh Farahani’. Well, Paterson’s wife can cook and bake scrumptious cupcakes. As a whole, she is the perfect house one urges for. She also prepares dinner pies, decorates their room with black and white pattern, and care for her husband. On the other hand, Paterson is a different kind of person where he is more focused on his daily routine work. Apart from driving a transit bus, he also takes some spare time focusing on poetry. Paterson pen down his daily thoughts of his everyday’s life in his poetry. The poems are basically very easy to read on and also written in a neat hand.

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Well, Paterson was a routine man yet he found thousand of beauty lies in his routine life. The film shows how one can find greater happiness and peace from their boring routine life. Paterson one such man who abides by his routine and live every moment with happiness. Therefore, he faces every day with joy, laughter, and happiness. His love for poetry has made is mundane life highly significant and knowledgeable. However, Paterson was a person who finds every bit of happiness in every small thing from everyday’s life.

Perhaps, the film shows that you can find abundant happiness in small things around you. You just need to find it by yourself to escalate your mundane life with happiness and laughter. In the case of Paterson, poetry in his life has made his life much easier and happy. However, you need to find a source or a medium to bring that lost joy in your life by putting yourself in some creative things. Like, Paterson one can easily find abundant merriment each day together with his ally. Everything that Paterson sees in his daily life, he pours it into beautiful and meaningful poetry. Thus, the film is extremely enticing, alluring, unforgettable, and charming at the same time. The simplicity of Paterson in this film has won the million hearts of the viewers globally.

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