10 Top Sites Like Wiziwig | Attempt These Wiziwig Alternatives

Wiziwig is one of the most frequently used sports streaming websites and offers users with streaming hyperlinks to a number of sports games which are played all around the world. Right on the home page of the site, the users can find links such as Live Sports, Live TV, etc. and may be used to watch the flows. Further, you will find thumbnails depicting several sports and clicking on some of them would lead the user to the matches being played along with their individual streaming links. The website includes a simple UI and it really lives up to its tagline being’Life is Live!’ .

The site is famous not just for the sports upgrade but also for telecasting various sports shows. You can find the update on whichever sports you enjoy, be it Football, Rugby, or Basketball. It’s possible to get distinct American games information, upgrades, and live telecast 24×7 at WiziWig. Wiziwig was hugely popular with those who love watching sports.

Fans were rather disappointed as it was the best option for watching sports shows on the web. Now people are continuously looking for its finest possible websites like wiziwig for a long time. There are a lot of websites likes WiziWig that gives great sports upgrade . Here we will chat about 10 such websites that can be seen as a good alternate for WiziWig.

Best Wiziwig Alternatives To Stream Live Sports

1. Stream2Watch

The people that want to know more about various sports can select Stream2Watch as you will get upgrades on several different sports here, and therefore that you do not need to visit unique websites. The website gives updates on sports such as Soccer, Darts, Basketball, Rugby, Golf, Volleyball, Tennis, Motor, Wrestling, Hockey, Winter Olympics, and Cricket. You will find different sports movies on the channel and live sports on need.

You’ll be able to witness the complete HD videos on your cellular phone, PC, or tabletcomputer. You can also watch a lot of TV stations streaming on the website such as FOX, TLC, NBC, FX, MTV, HBO, TBS, TNT, Showtime, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel.


This website for online streaming of matches gets the simplest possible interface you can find and also a little like wiziwig. On the home page of this website itself, the consumers can find tabs constituting the titles of different sports including Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, Motorsports and Other. Upon clicking on the tab depicting the title of a specific game, the website shows a list of all of the matches that are being played .

The user may also change the time zone on the upper right corner of the website to stream sports of different time zones. The users may also make use of a conversation widget which appears during live games to talk about the matches.

3. CricFree

You will have the ability to tell by seeing the name only the site mainly focuses on the upgrades and live flow of cricket occasions. This site can be seen as the choice of WiziWig by many cricket fans. Therefore, for the people who love cricket very much, you need to check the web site for certain. Some of the most well-known sports channels that you are able to see streaming on the site are Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2. Not merely cricket but there are 12 other sports which are streamed here such as tennis, soccer, basketball, boxing, hockey, baseball, and rugby.

The interface of the website is quite easy so people can use it easily. The viewers can engage in live chats on their favourite game on the site. In some regions, you will not be able to open the site due to geo-blocking. For them, it is possible to open ESPN Cricinfo for the information on cricket.

4. Loala1

A fantastic Wiziwig choice, Loala probably the best site to watch volleyball games live and on-demand online. The interface of the website is very well designed that makes watching the sports matches live, a charm. On the top left corner of the website, one can find a drop-down menu mentioning different sports and the continuing leagues and tournaments under every sport. There are various sections like top, my feed, and trending for all of the users that have registered on the site.

The site portal site can be swapped between Austria, Germany, and International and the site could be viewed in German and English languages. To find the currently running live matches, one can click the button present in the upper right corner of the home page of the site.

5.Live TV

Another great free website for live streaming of sports in Live TV. If you are using the website for the first time, you may feel that the website is rather disorganized but you will accustom with it the more you use it. To locate the events quickly, the articles is distributed in various classes such as,’Popular Videos’,’Upcoming Broadcasts’,’League Table’,’This month’s Sports Events’, and’Match of the Day’.

Forgiving you a good browsing experience there are some subcategories also like’Matches of your Teams’,”New on’ Live TV’, and’Best Odds Today’. The options in the navigation bar tabs comprise Live Score, Broadcasts, Videos Archive, Results, Fan Clubs, and Bettings.

6.Wiziwig New

The developers of this Wiziwig had established a replica of the website in Wiziwig New. It’s a newer version of the site. The attributes are more or less like the older one. The content is pretty much exactly the same. Live games and events can be streamed on the website like football, rugby, cricket, and tennis in the around the world. All of the contents are all liberated and the streaming is of very large quality.

The site is similar to wiziwig with the exact same content and functionality. Wiziwig is here to stay and probably we will seeing more of such clones in upcoming days. Until then you can appreciate all these site and stream sports for free.

7.Sport P2P

The station is known for its neat and cool designed interface. If you visit the homepage, you will find that in the top, the navigation bar has a lot of categories like Football, Basketball, Motorsports, Tennis, Ice Hockey, and Rugby. Aside from this, you will also able to observe the Live score and the Highlights bar. Additionally, there are sub-categories such as Popular and additional, where the content is grouped.

The events that will be going to be live on that day could be seen in the middle of the page so your time will be saved. Some big leagues such as Europa League, European Championship, and the Champions League could be viewed here streaming live.

8. Streamsports

This is one of those best websites for live streaming of those matches. At the webpage of the site, the users can locate a list containing of occasions, sports (to pick the sport), Leagues (to opt for the different leagues which have been played), states (to form the matches being played country-wise) and highlights (to view the highlights of several games).

Just from the segment below, the consumers can get a listing of the upcoming games, the games that are being played live and the games to be played today and tomorrow. The users may also make use of the social media handle of the site to discuss several sports matches. There’s another discussion forum accessible from the consumers on the right-hand side panel of the website.


Sports for many year round, sports365 is another good choice to Wixiwig for viewing the football matches. Sport 365 is one of the most renowned live streaming sites. Not only live streams but you will be able to see various updates on football too in this site. You will get updates on some other sports like Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, and tennis too. Your surfing becomes better with the categories such as’Watch Now’,’News’, and’Live’. The categories are very organized and that is a plus point of the site.

10. Batmanstream

The streaming website has quite a fantastic user interface and can be one of the best sites out there for internet streaming of sport. In addition to the website, one can discover the search box that may be employed to find the ongoing or upcoming streams for various sports. There’s a ribbon showing the links to different sports which when clicked by a user leads him to the listing of those streaming links for distinct ongoing matches of that particular sport. The site also features a chat feature wherein the consumers can share their views and opinions. The streaming quality on this site is decent and buffering is less.

Hope this list was useful and you may have curated many sites like Wiziwig. These are the very best replacement you may try online. Though we continue adding new website frequently. So, do bookmark for all the future upgrades. In Patersonwe cover all of the best streaming sites for movies, sports, anime, as well as series. Till then enjoy your favorite game online on these best replacements

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